Television CV



Always Greener – Yvonne Greenhill (2002) [Seven Network]


Home and Away – Audrey Orchard (1993) [Seven Network]


A Country Practice – Samantha Harrison (1984) [JNP Productions]


Prisoner aka Prisoner Cell Block H – Pixie Mason (1983-1985) [Grundy Television]


The Young Doctors – Tania Livingston (1977-1983) [Grundy Television]


Number 96 – Jodi (1977) [Cash Harmon Television]


Bluey – Janey (1976) / Sandra Gibson (1977) [Crawford]


Homicide – Joan Thompson (1976) / Yvette (1977) [Crawford]


Obsession "Error of Judgement" – Ruth (1976) [ABC]


The Box – Jane Fowler (1975-1976) [Crawford Production]


Bellbird (1975) [ABC]


Ben Hall – Rebecca /Alison Buchanan (1975) [ABC/BBC]


Behind the Legend (Episode C. J. Dennis) - Waitress (1975) [ABC]


Seven little Australians – Aldith MacCarthy (1973) [ABC / Ether Turner Production]


The Spoiler (1972) [Gemini Productions]


The Cousin from Fiji – Ella Belairs (1972) [ABC]


Catwalk – Marit Schemmler (1972) [Morphett-Davies Production]


Barrier Reef – Annette Conway (1971) [Fauna Productions]


What for Marianne? aka Vision Escalator (1971) [ABC] (TV Movie)


Chimes at Midnight (1970) [ABC] (TV play)


Eden House - Girl at the pub (1970) [ABC] (TV play)


Schwanda the Bagpiper (1970) [ABC] (Television Opera Production)


The Link Men (1970) [Nine Network]


People in Conflict [Seven Network]


Marriage Confidential [Seven Network]


Crackerjack [ABC]





Scobie Malone - Girl at pedestrian crossing (1975) [Kingcroft Production]


Three to go: Michael – Judy (1971) [Commonwealth Film Unit]


First time Round – Female lead (1970) [Kingcroft Production]



Cinema Promotion Films and Docu-dramas


Alice through the lift doors, the other side of shopping – Alice (1977) [SM Productions]


LX Torana Hatchback Promotion Film – The Girlfriend (1976)


Datsun Cars Promotion Film – Actress (1974) [Fontana Films]





Joy’s World (2011) [CTV1]


Where are they Now (The Young Doctors) (2007) [Seven Network]


Today Tonight (2002) [Seven Network]


Around the world on Saturday night (1997) [CTV1]


Sale of the Century – The Young Doctors Contestant (1995) [Grundy/Nine Network]


Jonathan Ross Show (1991)


Aegean Sounds - Greek Variety Show – Reporter (1985) [SBS Television/Harry Michaels Productions]


The Mike Walsh Show (1978, 1981) (Nine Network)



Commercials: Make-up, clothes, schampoo (including Uncle Sam's Miracle Herbal Shampoo in 1977), Coca Cola (with singer Ronnie Burns in 1971), chocolate, cigarette's, Palmolive soap (1982), Allen Butter Menthol (1987), Cup-a-soup (2007), Ikea (2011), McDonald's and many more.





The Clown who lost his Circus – Princess Christina (1975) [Ashton Circus] (Pantomime show)


Don’t just lie there, say something – Wendy (1973) [Harry M Miller Production]


Prickly Pear [Pageant Theatre Company]


It’s all up to you [Pageant Theatre Company]


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